the good examples

This week (on a more positive note!) I want to move on from cringeworthy unethical marketing mistakes and talk about what I believe constitutes ethical digital marketing.

As we saw last week, ethical errors in digital marketing are likely to go viral and potentially alienate a huge chunk of their target market. 

On the other hand, companies who use their digital marketing campaigns as methods of activism to inspire change can gain a very loyal customer base built on shared values. 

More than half of consumers in Gen Z favour socially conscience brands according to new research from MNI Targeted Media (2018).

Brands such as Girlfriend Collective, Thankyou and Lush embody the factors of an ethical company. They market diversity and inclusion, sustainability and a global conscience. As a result, their digital marketing takes on these same ethical principles.

All three of these companies (and many, many more) can attribute a lot of their success to these ethical marketing decisions!

Thankyou is an Australian personal hygiene brand with a mission to eradicate global poverty. 

Their products feature a QR code which allows the customer to track the progress that their purchase has made in a project working towards causes such as water sanitation and maternal health!

(image by

Lush is a company that spreads its ethical cause far and wide: from environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and fair trade to winning Forbes’ list of diverse companies!

(image by

The last example I want to use is Girlfriend Collective, a company that makes ‘slow fashion’ activewear out of recycled plastic water bottles and fishing nets! Their transparency in the production process and body inclusivity in their online marketing campaigns are very persuasive advertising…(I would know, I now own two sets!).

(image by Girlfriend Collective on Instagram)

6 thoughts on “the good examples

    1. For sure, I think we are seeing ethics guide more purchasing decisions than ever. The cosmetics industry is one that comes to mind, so many customers only buy cruelty free products and have such a strong loyalty for brands that refuse to compromise on these standards!

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  1. Being ethical is definitely an important area that companies should look into. Consumers do not only care about the products and/or services that one offers, but also care about what organisations are doing nowadays for the community and its people. After all, it is the people who matter, not just money. Great post!

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  2. Love this post! Consumers like to align their values with brands that they purchase from, so brands that are so vocal about their involvement with the community and the earth is definitely favourable.
    (Also definitely looking into the Girlfriend Collective as I type!)

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