the diversity

Diversity involves the inclusion of all people regardless of gender, age, race, sexuality or any other demographics and according to research collated by Aspire HQ (2018), diversity in digital marketing matters!

When incorporating diversity and inclusion into their campaigns, brands need to make sure they don’t miss the mark. The result of a disingenuous attempt at including diversity often results in extensive social media backlash!

Example 1: Racist Burger King Instagram ad

(image sourced from The Drum)

Example 2: Facebook blocks a racist ad by Trump

(image soured from The Guardian)

To avoid the spread of online hate, brands need to embrace employee diversity and view it as a precursor to attracting a diverse customer base. 

Companies can more easily connect with their diverse customer base through diversity within their workforce. It lowers the likelihood of campaigns missing the mark and becoming offensive when trying to celebrate diversity.

Godis Rivera, the associate director of social media at digital marketing agency VML backs this tip, claiming “I’ve noticed that when a brand totally misses the mark on something that has to do with ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, it’s often because no one from that particular viewpoint was included in the process.”

Diversity in digital marketing is most important for companies whose target market is minorities and millennials who appreciate non-traditional representation in marketing.

AdAge lists millennials as the most racially diverse generation in America’s history and they are willing to spend their money on brands who recognise and support this diversity.

“Customers realise that inclusive ads can be risky and will go far to support brands that share similar values.”

Godis Rivera
(image sourced from Diversity by Inclusion)

Despite the significant growth the digital marketing industry has made towards diversity and inclusion, there is much more headway to be made!

Diversity in marketing campaigns isn’t only the ethical path, it can lead to many positive business outcomes. You can read more about that here.

Let me know in the comments below a marketing campaign embracing diversity that has stood out for you – maybe it changed your mind on a brand or influenced you to make a purchase!

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    1. Yes I do remember hearing about that ad from H&M, yikes! Brands definitely need to take diversity in marketing seriously to avoid these mistakes. Thanks for your comment Celine.


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